Metabical marketing plan

Pull strategy is also very effective, when the product is launched for the first time. Here, one can link the Metabolic product to the Mascots hierarchy of needs — the need for belongingness.

Would you suggest a change to the proposed budget or IMC mix. For example, they could create a campaign by print ads in leading medical publications and interactive ads online related to health issues in order to raise awareness about the drug and its benefits.

Each CSP sales representative visited four practices per day, on average. This is very important, because the customers f the weight-loss products do not want Just to lose the weight, but become healthy in all of the aspects. Which communication channel strategies i.

Metabical wants to introduce a new weight loss drug to the market

CSP will launch the three different advertising concepts aimed at health care providers: Challenges that do not influence the launch directly e. CSP had assigned Printup to be in-charged of the upcoming U. She attends the gym regularly and stays on a strict healthy diet.

There is much skepticism with new drugs if consumers are unaware of its benefits and side effects. Finally, a few weeks before the release of the product, the TV ads would begin. Thus, based on Market Survey and Market research finding we come up with demand forecast as per Table 4 below: The down side maybe that this demographic is likely the most skeptical and hardest to convince for initial trial because of the previous legal and social climate, they are more likely to be more critical in making a decision to buy an weight loss product because they are more educated than the previous demographic of women.

Metabical Marketing Positioning Strategy Essay Sample

In this system, SSP will work very closely with its main consumers, understanding their needs and solving their problems. He also has to have an access to the gym and can afford to buy healthy products.

CSP should also focus its marketing efforts at the medical community itself. This experience will be known as testimony user to attract the new customer to buy the Metabical Products. The first year, CSP should aggressively spend on the advertising activities to DTC in order to create product knowledge and brand awareness which include television, online websiteradio advertisements and press conference during the product launch in January The second focus in this report would be the positioning strategy which we will state the point of parity and point of differences of Metabical and come out with the positioning strategy and target market.


Metabical: IMC Plan

No description Positioning and Communication Strategy for a new Weight-Loss Drug What is Metabical? Safe and effective weight-loss drug Introduced by CSP Awaiting FDA approval Need to develop viable positioning strategy Create marketing plan INTRODUCTION Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals.

Running Head: METABICAL NEW WEIGHT LOSS DRUG 2 Introduction Metabical is a new weight loss drug that has been developed and is expected to help the obese lose weight in a clinically proven and tested manner[Que10].

Being a new product that has to be launched to the market to be used by consumers, a marketing strategy has to be. Senior Advertising Director for CSP, Barbara Printup, must develop the placement strategy and marketing communications plan in preparation for the start of the innovative drug.

metabical case solution. Integrated Marketing Communications Plan created based on the Harvard Business Case of Metabical, the miracle weight loss drug which guarantees results for overweight individuals if taken as prescribed. Barbara Printup, Senior Marketing Director for CSP, must develop the positioning strategy and marketing communications plan in preparation for the launch of the new drug.

Oct 30,  · Marketing Communication Strategy The purpose of the Metabical communications plan is to develop the viable strategy of positioning and marketing the product correctly to achieve the CSP’s objectives.

Metabical marketing plan
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Metabical Marketing Positioning Strategy | Essay Example