Dcal business plan 2014

I want to raise two issues. I do not see that in this document. However, that has changed from when I first met them. Is there enough co-ordination in the business plan to deliver the like of the STEAM idea, the regional library, the big-ticket events and dcal business plan 2014 velodrome.

The commitment that Planning Service made, as it does with all major strategic applications, was to turn it around in six months or less. However, I am not so sure that they offer a tangible benefit to the people in Ballygomartin, Ballymurphy or Ballymacarrett. Once the October monitoring round has been completed, I will encourage discussions between Minister Foster and me about what steps we take and where we go next.

So it would be matters that are contractual or statutory. Was it not June.

Official Report (Hansard)

I appreciate that, but it is not impossible either. I am not trying to be awkward or to score political points.

We delivered the World Police and Fire Games, and we are well through the City of Culture year and our other commitments for the creative industries, which is obviously a priority area moving forward.

We included neighbourhood renewal areas because they had not been particularly involved before. It is not an easy issue to deal with. The stadia developments are an opportunity to bring other investment in. Is work going on to identify a site for that. Is it something that DCAL will look at. However, I am also out and about in communities, and I hear and see it myself.

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I thank the member for her question. Are there no other questions. It sets out how we are going to do that. Can I ask one other question. The Irish language, as you know, is a very vibrant, growing sector, but it has suffered greatly from underinvestment over decades. I am determined, where possible, to ensure that people who have not received the investment that they are entitled to are not further disadvantaged by our current financial situation.

We can show that we can stage world-class events.

Welcome to Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure

Personally, I feel that we knew for years that the Olympics were coming and we were just not ready and many areas lost out. As far as I am concerned, we are moving in the right direction but we are not there yet. I will get you the details.

Official Report (Hansard)

I do have an overarching strategy. Yes, the bigger picture was looked at a couple of years ago. There is just that little bit of uncertainty about where everybody sits in the picture. I do not want to labour that point, but it certainly does not instil confidence or equality and all the things that you purport to try to represent when we cannot even use the name of the country in our language.

However, you dcal business plan 2014 your points on that, Minister. No, we have gone through the list completely. In reference to some of the previous comments, I commend the business plan.

So even from a local economy point of view, we need to try to protect events, whether they be big, medium or small, as best as possible, because not only do they help tourism but they help a struggling small business sector.

Has that work with Jim Shaw and his team continued since then. We have Peter May, the interim permanent secretary, and Arthur Scott, the director of culture. I am as committed to that as I am to Ravenhill and Casement Park.

So there is a lot of talk and a lot of support for the Scottish model. I did not ask "Why are you doing it?. Business Plan All DCAL business areas and arm’s length bodies have been busy delivering an exciting range of culture, arts and leisure projects and programmes which have benefitted all 10% on the opening allocation for This budget does not allow me to deliver the level of services and resources that I want, but.

The Department of Culture Art and Leisure website. The functions and services delivered by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) have been transferred to new departments. DCAL Business Plan Ministerial Briefing The Chairperson: I welcome the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure and Cynthia Smith, the deputy secretary, and I.

DCAL Business Plan Ministerial Briefing The Chairperson: I welcome the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure and Cynthia Smith, the deputy secretary, and I. /14 Business Plan (for report) Professor Bailey presented the revised Business Plan for /14 which was submitted to DCAL in February in the format requested by them.

DCAL is committed to harnessing culture, arts and leisure to promote equality and tackle poverty and social exclusion. social exclusion is a key priority for this business planning period. The Business Plan sets out an investment of £m in the delivery, facilitation and support of a diverse range of quality sports, from.

Dcal business plan 2014
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